About the Band

Men In Suits (MIS) is a band of Toronto business executives (alphabetical order) Gerry Throop (guitar and lead singer), Trish Fonberg (lead singer), Jim hardy (lead guitar and vocals), Don Tapscott (keyboards, harp and vocals), Stewart Borden (Bass and vocals) , Vince Mazza (drums and vocals). (so we’re not all men and we don’t wear suits — at least not to gigs). We only play charity events and don’t charge for our services (we once added up the combined effective hourly rate of the band members and decided nobody could actually afford us….). We do like to recover our costs for a gig and unless the event is an actual fundraiser we ask for a donation to one of our favorite charities.

Founded in 1998 we used to do a concert every year whether our public demanded it or not… but then we got good — scary good — and are now actually somewhat in demand. We generally play about 6 gigs a year and in the past have supported charities such as CAMH (The Centre for Addiction and Mental Health), The Toronto Symphony Orchestra, Classroom Connections and several Toronto are schools. All in, we have raised over $3 million for charitable organizations….excluding our time. After all for us MIS is a labour of love!

We are a dance band. Our set list which you can see below has been time tested and boiled down to a series of hard core party tunes. Our repertoire spans the 60’s through to the present so there is something for almost every age and musical peccadillo.

If you’d like the MIS to play your event you must qualify as follows:

1. Must raise or donate money to a bone fide charity (your personal sports car fund doesn’t cut it).
2. Must have both sexes at event — roughly equally represented (if it’s more women than men, that’s ok).
3. There must be dancing.
4. The ratio of people to square foot of event hall must be greater than one person for each 8 square feet (including seating and dancing space). We don’t like big empty halls.
5. There must be alcohol .
6. We will not do more than 3 encores — or maybe 5 but that’s it!
………..Well maybe a few more.

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